Getting all my things ready, checking one more time the packing list and feeling a bit nervous..

Have I forgot something, what else would I need? I must confess, I am normally one of these people who can never travel “light”.. I always take too much luggage, “just in case”! This time is different, I will have to manage 5 weeks of travels with one medium duffel bag. You can see in the picture all my things lined up and after how it all fitted in the bag! Can you imagine I’ve got it all in there: sleeping bag, camera and its accessories, my nutritional supplements Broth By Design, a medicine bag, the flag of Prince Albert II Foundation, some clothes for all weather (from the 2,400m altitude in Quito to ocean crossing for 20 days) and even my little stuffed Snoopy – a reminder of my doggie Ever who I will miss like crazy! Talking about Ever, he looks at me like saying “You’ve got this!” He knows I’m going away and he puts on a brave face!

I’m now going one more time through travel documents, all is well!
Thank you all for following me on this incredible journey!

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