I am not a drop in the Ocean, I am the entire Ocean in a drop

Join me as I explore the oceans of the world in an attempt to inspire younger generations to love and protect our oceans and the environment in general.

The Ocean Amazon

is a platform dedicated to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of our oceans faced with the plastic pollution problem. Its founder, Irina Maria Peterson is a passionate sailor, explorer, an environmental activist and ocean lover. Irina would like to contribute her exploration experiences and the knowledge she accumulates to connect people to the ocean and to realise how much our lives depend on it!

Our Planetary Health in Crisis

Our human footprint is threatening the health of the oceans and the world’s seas. Scientific reports provide evidence that marine ecosystems are rapidly losing resilience as a result of acidification and ocean warming, marine debris and plastics, chemical pollution, eutrophication processes, loss of biodiversity and the overconsumption of aquatic resources. Worldwide news tell us of coral bleaching, rising sea levels, and declines in the population of ocean species. We are witnessing an unprecedented crisis and without global and local action our blue planet is at risk. Not withstanding the seriousness of each one of these matters, Irina focuses on the plastic pollution affecting our oceans, all marine life and our own human life.

Love and Protect our Oceans

Ocean Amazon explorations offer a window in “seeing” the nature of the problem and how imbedded this “invisible enemy” is in our lives, our bodies and the ocean.
Irina’s love for the oceans was ignited in childhood, when she discovered Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s documentaries. Despite a tiny black and white TV at home, she was mesmerized by the underwater “Silent World”. The legendary explorer became an inspiration and growing up, Irina went on to dive and sail in many diverse places and her love for the ocean grew immensely! And for this gift, Irina will be forever grateful and it is now time to pay it forward!

My Explorations

I had the chance to be part of incredible explorations with scientific purposes! It makes me happy to share my blogs with you, hoping you will “feel” part of it too!

eXXpedition navigation: Galapagos to Easter Island 2020
January 8, 2021

The Imperfect Sailor and Imperfect Activist

I was so excited the day I was accepted to be part of the eXXpedition crew (a pioneering all female navigators group studying plastic pollution)  and participate in an incredible…
Galapagos 2020
February 11, 2020

February 10 – On Cousteau’s dive steps

Ever since I was a child and watching every Sunday morning Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s underwater documentaries, I wanted to be able to see for myself these mesmerizing worlds! The legendary explorer…
Galapagos 2020
February 10, 2020

The less known side of Galapagos

This wasn’t the usual “tourist request” for a visit.. I went today to see the recycling center in Santa Cruz, Galapagos. Met Jorge, the everyday hero, who together with his…

Irina Maria Peterson is

the “Ocean Amazon” –

a passionate sailor and nature lover

2020 brings with it a society slowly but surely waking up to the reality and scale of the plastic problem and damage to our oceans and our lives and that’s why, more than ever, the accumulation of new data by scientific exploration is crucial. The Ocean Amazon documentary presents a golden opportunity to travel through the eye of the South Pacific Gyre and assess the most current status of the garbage patch.

Although photographic images and research on the South Pacific Garbage Patch exist, never before has a film team had the opportunity to be at the heart of such an operation. The contribution to the scientific world and the viewers of this film will be unique perspectives of discovery through the skilful eyes of two great cinematographers going above, and below.

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