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What is an Imperfect Activist?

The Imperfect Activist Pledge

I, , am an imperfect activist. I don’t always recycle. I don’t always hold myself to the highest eco-standards and I’m not always kind to the environment. But I believe in a better world, a cleaner world; one free from the shackles of pollution - a world not made of plastic. I commit to make a difference, even if only one good deed and action for the environment and ocean every day! I believe in a brighter future for myself and the generations to come. I am far from being a perfect activist, but I pledge that I will work to realize this vision to the best of my imperfect abilities.

, #imperfectactivist

#ImperfectActivist Pledge

I am now an #ImperfectActivist! I pledge to uphold the values of the #ImperfectActivist Pledge, and to protecting our oceans from plastic pollution!

Signed, ___________________ an #ImperfectActivist

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